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Mediocrity Can Destroy Your Business

No one was ever born mediocre. The mediocre mindset is formed through continous exposure to mediocre cultures, associations or systems. The good news is this, mediocrity can be unlearned. By gaining insight and a better know-how, we transform our minds and raise our standards.

Scenario 1, you walk into a salon to get your hair done, the equipment looks tacky and out of place, the customer service is lousy and you are offered poor service right from the door.  Majority of people accept this as the norm. Scenario 2, you go into a restaurant and the food is better imagined than what you are being served. The tablecloth was recently used with fragments of leftovers from the previous diner, you barely manage to pass the food down your throat and you do not even bother to complain. You buy a product with very substandard packaging and you can not even imagine writing a complaint because the chances are, you will not get a response to your email.

Mediocrity dominates most organisations and depletes repeat patronage. Consequentially, they do not grow beyond the starting point.

To stand out, dare to be different. Be deliberate and intentional in the pursuit of excellence. Even the eagle when it spends most of its time with ducks and ducklings in the pond, after a while, it will forget how to fly and that there was once a time that it ever flew.

Do not compromise on quality and standards even to the minor details.

Quality and excellence should be the guiding principle for any enterprise aspiring to grow. You must strive towards achieving industry’s best practice. Do not accept mediocrity from yourself when setting goals for your business. Get it right from the start by defining your standards and taking steps towards building your brand.

Steps to Avoid Mediocrity

Hire Consultants

Most businesses do not invest in consultants and professionals to help them tailor their businesses to industry standards. They will rather go the DIY route and cut corners which eventually yields very poor results. A consultant will give you an in-depth understanding of the market. Remember it is not about what you think your clients need, it is about what they really need.

Invest in Human Assets

Hire the best hands in the industry (if you can afford it) to help you grow your business, pay them well and treat them with dignity. A motivated staff will run with the vision of your business with passion and will be committed to ensuring that the organization achieves and reaches its full potentials, while you are occupied with thinking of new ideas, strategies, and innovations.

Invest in Quality Infrastructure

Your business environment and ambiance should look like where you are going in the next couple of years. The right gadget and machinery will also help you boost excellent product and service delivery. The right ambiance will attract the right customers/ investors and also make them feel comfortable doing business with your company. Remember image is everything.

Invest in Knowledge

Engage yourself and staff in personal development programmes and series of training that is geared towards improving skills set required for your business. Ensure that you are not lacking in this regard. Pay the price now and reap the benefits later.

Mediocrity will never do. You are capable of something better, Gordon Hinkley.

Uche Ofurum.

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