What Happened to Your Focus?

Focus is the thinking skill that allows people to begin a task without procrastination and then maintain their attention and effort until the task is complete.

Just imagine that I was studying to become a Medical Doctor and along the line I was told I could make more money by becoming an Engineer, I leave and  start a part-time course in engineering and not quite long I was told again  that I could make more money by becoming an educationist I switch to Education and in the space of 3 years I realize that I have tried to study 3 courses without completing  any. I will not only lose time, money and resources but people will think I have gone bunkers or not see me as a serious person.

Focus is what drives excellence, it makes us give our best and stop at nothing in achieving our goals. Focus builds in us the right attitude and identifies harmful habits that we need to do away with in other to reach our goals. On the other hand, when we lack focus we are more likely to falter at whatever we do.

Why are you not Focused?

Very focused people are simply mindful and they have trained themselves over time not to engage in some habits that many of us might be prone to do and these habits include:


Multi-tasking involves not only doing more than one thing at the same time but also doing too many projects at the same time that require the same level of focus. A lot of people brag about how good they are at multi-tasking, but focus still has an advantage of reducing errors and saving time in the long run.

Trying to Become Like Others

Comparing yourself to others serves only to demoralize and make you feel inferior, while in fact, you have equal capacity for growth and advancement in life as any other person. However, you may consider the achievement of successful people to determine what you need to do to replicate similar success.

Making Excuses 

Giving silly excuses not to work and waiting for the perfect timing and conditions to execute plans will never change anything. There is nothing as ‘the perfect opportunity.’ Opportunities are sometimes disguised in hardship or even come with rough edges. The perfect time does not exist. Roll up your sleeves and get your hands busy. You have exactly the same number of hours per day as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Oprah Winfrey.


Focused people do not procrastinate. You might be tempted to put off tasks for hours because the tasks are unpleasant or overwhelming, but not to put it off completely. No matter how overwhelming the task might be we should somehow manage to push ourselves up and get what needs to be done when it ought to be DONE- NOW is the time and not later. You can, however, procrastinate projects that are unimportant and not urgent to work on important ones.

Inability to say NO:

Sometimes, you have to say no to certain business ideas, partnerships and commitments to protect your focus. We often feel the urge to please others at the expense of our focus, time and energy. Pleasing people may just be hurting your bottom line. Saying yes to unplanned projects and ideas misplaces your priorities. Firmly but gently say “no” to everything that does not support your values, plan or business purpose. This allows you to focus on the things that are important.

Acting on Impulse

Think through and weigh options carefully against your core goals and objectives. Over time imbibe the habit of taking pleasure in your own work and celebrate your accomplishments. Do not abandon your projects and jump to the next “big” thing. Stick to your goals and stay committed to your vision through hard times.

A Distracting Environment

Trying to focus in a distracting environment is counterproductive. Switching off your phone, going to a quiet place or simply just letting people know you are not available can protect y our focus.

All that glitters is not gold and remember that Rome was not built in a day. The implications of lack of focus are enormous. To mention a few: You waste time, burn energy and resources and finally stop chasing your dreams. When I left paid employment, I had several offers but I turned them down in order to pursue my dreams. A lot of people thought I had gone crazy but I kept saying to myself – Focus!


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