Healthy Habits Every Entrepreneur Must Have

excerpts from the book, “15 Habits to a New You,” by Ima Isip

All the money in the world can’t buy you back good health. But all the good health in the world can get back all the money in the world.

We know it can be crazy keeping fit as an entrepreneur especially if your business takes the best part of you, but nevertheless, your health is more important than your business.

Here is the ABC of staying healthy for entrepreneurs while running a healthy business.

  1. Stay hydrated by having a bottle of water with you all day within your reach.
  2. Try jogging at least once a week on your street. If you cannot find time to hit the gym, try a home workout routine in the evenings.
  3. Buy fruits and vegetables in advance for the week to make sue you have a steady supp

 Your health is not determined by the things you do once in a while but by the consistency of what you do, otherwise known as your daily habits. A healthy lifestyle is not one in which you go to the gym once in a while or eat healthy meals and avoid junk food once in a while, but it is the sum total of all your daily habits. Bad habits lead to bad health, the same applies to your finances and social life. Do you also know that your finances can negatively or positively affect your health? Have you ever been under pressure to pay up a debt within a short time frame? How did you feel physically and psychologically? My guess is very weak. Anxiety, worry and financial problems have real effects on our health, hence the need to stay away from getting indebted especially on buying things we do not need or can always save up to buy.

This is a good way to get yourself started to a healthy life, but what use is it to have all the money in the world and not have a healthy body to enjoy your wealth in?

This is not just about getting on a crazy diet to loose 10 kilograms in one week, but it is about choosing a sustainable and consistent plan to weight loss and maintaining a certain weight. Your health is a sum total of all your consistent habits, both good and bad.

Workaholics, I don’t mean to bust your bubbles but I have truly discovered that the secret to wealth is not hard work, burning the night candle and having a crazy schedule that will put your health at risk, but putting your energy where it really matters. Cut down your to-do-list and only do the few things that only you can do while delegating the rest. I used to wear the badge of hard work on my shoulders and was very proud about how much work I could fit into a day until I discovered the secret of wealth which was to focus on the activities with the highest returns while delegating much of the work to people who are smarter than you in that field. I have multiple capabilities with skills in so many areas from beauty, fashion, agriculture, sales, website designing and a couple others. To my own detriment, I decided I was going to start up a business in each of these fields. I ended up burnt, losing money and time in he process. This can be very exhausting and emotionally dampening. Stress can lead to poor health. I have made the worst decisions in my life when I was most stressed out.

Sometimes making healthy decisions, may require that you let go of things and people who are jeopardizing your health.

Some years back, I had to let go of a job that was endangering my emotional and physical health. In the schemes of priorities, my health was more important than a salary. Nothing should take priority over your health, because if you lose good health, you could lose it all.


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