Do you have a Vision Board?

Where is your vision Board?

I know we all have lofty dreams and great ideas that seem unsurmountable simply because we just think about them and leave them closed up in a journal or a diary. You are not alone I used to be like you until I discovered the vision board.

Put that dream that vision on a board and run with it. A vision board simply means putting pictures of your vision on a board (cardboard or hard surface) where it is visible to you everyday.

The pictures serve as a constant reminder of your future goal. It keeps you focused and organized about the goals you should actively pursue on a daily basis. Imagine setting out on a journey and not having a destination in mind, that is how it feels like without a clear picture of your vision.

A Vision Board creates an edifice in your mind. It enables you to picture the future that you desire.

So many young people waste their youth because they do not even have a vision for their lives. Some have their vision written on a diary or a journal but the danger in this is that there is a tendency to forget it. There are several people who discover their journal of visions lying somewhere in their homes after several years and they realise that their current life is so far away from their written vision.

A life without vision is one plagued by survival strategies. It is a life where, you get a dead end job you know has nothing to offer your future, but because you need to pay the bills, you remain stuck in there. Many people have stopped dreaming because their daily problems and needs have preoccupied their time, they no longer believe in big dreams or visions. They are simply worried about the next meal. They live their entire lives in survival mode. Most time when I ask young people what they want to become or do, they usually say, they do not know. The reason they do not know is because they have never thought about it and if they have, they have not written it down or spent quality time to think through it. A life with a vision outlives the visionary, while one without a vision barely influences his own generation.

Here are my top 3 reasons why everyone needs to have a vision board in their house.

  1. A vision board that is followed through gives birth to ideas, thriving businesses , multi-million dollar industries and so much more.
  2. It gives you clarity about what you want to achieve in life. Just staring at your vision board brings you back on track even when you derail in your pursuit.
  3. It makes you accountable to those who see your vision board everyday and they keep reminding you of your vision board.

Here is how to make your own vision board.

step 1. Buy a large cardboard paper, glue, coloured paper, stick glue and markers the total cost should less than 2,000 Naira.

Step 2. Organise your list of goals on a piece of paper first before you set to work. You can categorize them into spiritual, relationship, financial, career, business, family, charity, travel, health and personal development goals. You should have at least one goal in each of the categories and try to use one short phrase to describe each goal so your board does not appear too wordy. For instance if your health goal is to lose weight, you can write down the exact kilogram you want.

Step 3. Find images online on what you want and print them out. Or you can go through magazines and find photographs of your goals.

Step 4. Stick the images you cut out from the magazine or printed from the internet across the cardboard paper. Make sure they are neatly cut so you board looks beautiful. Then write the goals beside the pictures you pasted. There you go, you have just created a vision board.

Paste it up somewhere in your house where you can see it everyday.


Uche Ofurum

Writer, blogger and entrepreneur

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