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3 Books That Changed the Way I Think

Let’s start by saying that my greatest reading weakness is I don’t remember much of the message of a poorly written book. That been said, I must add that the common denominator of all the books on this list is that I will eternally remember their central message and how these books have influenced some big decisions I made. I can only claim that a few books have changed my thoughts 360% apart from the Bible, so I actually mean 3 books that literally changed the way I think.  I think I have read over one hundred motivational and business books, well, I am not that old, hint: i I am still a millenial! Come on, let’s take a dive.

1. Number one on my list is Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki. This is at the top of my shortlist because it was one of first business books that triggered my innate belief that going to school, working and retiring at 60 was not the only way to be fulfilled …Phew! The author could motivate a 5th grader into starting a business in his simple but radical book. I can remember the judgemental and distraught look on my dad’s face when I told him I read a book that proved his age old find a stable, secure job theory wrong. He couldn’t even read past the first chapter. He thought it was hell sent! Forward 10 years later, he believes in entrepreneurship over working for a salary. So thanks Mr Kiyosaki.

2. I read The Dip, by Seth Godin in 2014. This book changed the way I thought about quitting, that quitting isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long a you quit at the right time and quit the wrong things. Until you can prove me wrong, I am the greatest fan of Seth Godin. (Not to mention the number of times I daydreamed of getting his yellow framed glasses, yea go ahead call me a wanna- be). I have read everything with his name on it. The Dip as the name hints, is simply about that moment in your life when you feel like quitting your job, business, whatever! He dares you to quit today or don’t even quit at all. Paraphrasing his words, “if you will quit down the line, you might as well quit today and save yourself the time wasted.” If 20 years down the line, what you are doing now will not get you to where you want to be, then quit now before you waste more time. But do not quit because the going is getting tough. Afterall, nothing worthwhile comes easy, and not all that doesn’t come easy is worth while. Before any major leap into success, there is that place where you find yourself tired, disillusioned and frustrated. That place is called the dip. It is up to you to decide if you want to endure that dip or quit because that dip will not lead you to your dreams. It is funny how this book makes you want to stay and quit at the same time but somehow explains when and why to do either. Bottom line, Seth nailed it!

3. Good Strategy, Bad Strategy By Richard Rumelt. I have been reading this book  since October, it is one of those books you should deliberately refuse to finish reading in a hurry because every chapter carries a great lesson that needs to be meditated on and internalized. Well that might just be my strategy! Yes, it is one of the best books on strategy. Most books on strategy seem very technical and only worthy of PHD holders. But for a beginner who doesn’t want to get confused by the myriads of theoretical books out there, this is a good book to start from. And if you are a successful strategist, you should have read this book 5 years ago.

I challenge you to go to the comment section at the top of this article and list out 3 books that changed the way you think. I am just the curious type and so is everyone else (by the way if you are reading this blog, you have every right to claim the award for curiosity). I just need to know! I was born this way, so tell us the 3 books that changed the way you think. It can be short, witty or 3 page long (there is enough space for you on the world wide web).

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